Go the Extra Mile for the Perfect First Date

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Go the Extra Mile for the Perfect First Date

May 8, 2017 / 0 Comments / 691 /
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You might have been set up by a friend from work. It might be someone you met in the store and have gone past the coffee stage. It could even be that one swipe which went the right way.

It doesn’t really matter how you have set it up. The first date is a major occasion. Creating the right impression can lead to a genuine life long relationship, getting off on the wrong foot and you could very quickly be heading for the door and a microwave meal for one.

Here are five tips for creating the perfect first date.

1. Find The Right Location

If you are heading out for a meal, then you will need to find a restaurant with the right atmosphere. The first date is a place to allow you to find out about each other, this means you will need to be able to hear what they are saying. Find a restaurant which isn’t too loud and not too crowded.

2. Have Something Interesting To Say

Very few first dates will ever be perfect. There will be some silences and these can very quickly turn awkward and embarrassing. Have some interesting stories to tell and some questions you can ask them. Try to make sure that you aren’t just talking about yourself and that you ask questions which have more than a Yes or No answer.

3. Surprise Them With Something Special

Have you ever heard the story about how your favorite couple met? Did it ever start with a boring date and nothing fun happening? Plan a surprise for your date. We’d suggest finishing your meal with a romantic ride through the scenic sides of town. The best surprise would be to book a Fort Lauderdale limo service and really living up the rest of your date.

4. Be Honest

Every lie you tell will only lead you down the wrong path. Imagine if two-years into dating the person you love, they take you skydiving and put you in the expert group. What? You don’t remember? You told them that you enjoyed skydiving on your very first date. They never forgot and now you have a lot of explaining to do.

5. Read Their Body Language

We know that they are saying all the right words and tell you that you are funny and have some really amusing stories. But how much of it can you believe? You date’s body language will tell you more about their real thoughts than any words they say. When you see them showing signs that they are getting bored of your stories, stop telling them and start asking them questions about themselves.

First dates can be tricky and stressful times, taking our tips and making sure that you show your best side, is one way to make it successful. Using the best Fort Lauderdale limo service is one way to make sure that your date remembers the best bits of the whole night.


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