How to get to and from a Florida Airport in Style

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How to get to and from a Florida Airport in Style

June 15, 2016 / 0 Comments / 472 /
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FL Limousines airport transport service is perfect for our clients who are traveling to and from an airport in the region to offer a truly personal experience. We know that traveling can often be stressful and the last thing that most of our clients want to be doing after a long flight is trawling around the airport parking lot looking for their car so that is why we offer a superb airport transfer service to rival no other.
Based in Florida, FL Limousines are able to service a large area across the county with several trips a week booked in for both West Palm Beach Airport and Fort Lauderdale airport. We have a large selection of cars available which we are sure will suit your needs and budget perfectly, so why not give us a call on 954-326-8811 and see what prices we can do for you.


FL Limousine Vehicles

Combing a perfect mixture of performance, looks and comfort, our selection of cars and limos are hard to beat. With a large choice on offer we are able to cater to any size party, whether it is just yourself traveling, couples, families or even larger groups of passengers. What makes us unique is that we can also offer a choice of colors with some of our limos being available in 2 colors. So if you fancy a pink stretch limo or the sleek and sophisticated black Cadillac Escalade, we have something for you.

Excellent customer service

FL Limousines are renowned for the service that we offer our clients. Punctuality is the key in our game as we know how important it is to be on time for a flight. We also know how annoying and tiring it can be waiting for a car to take you home again after a really enjoyable holiday. Rest assured though as we not only have excellent customer feedback but also offer a friendly service so you can concentrate on enjoying the rest of your day in comfort.

Limousine rental FL

Something else that we do well is by providing a bespoke journey service. If you need several stops making to drop passengers off, we can do this. If you wanted to take in the jaw dropping scenery of Florida County, we will do this. You are our customers after all and so you tell us where you would like to go and we will accommodate your requirements.


Lastly, all of our airport rentals are supremely comfortable with the very finest upholstering and comfort on offer. All of our cars are fitted with Air-con to make those hot summer days feel much more manageable while traveling to and from the airports. It’s these little things that set us apart from most of the other Fort Lauderdale limousine rental companies out there.
What more could you want from a company like us? We offer exceptional customer service, a diverse fleet of rental cars and limousines, superb comfort and a friendly and professional approach, getting you from A to B in comfort, style and safety. Contact FL-Limousine today, to discuss availability and pricing.


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